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Women's Group Ministry

March is Antiochian Women's Month-2024


Ministry Leader is Sarah Steiger

Great Reading from our Diocese Antiochian Women

The Diocese of Los Angeles and the West


Antiochian Women Winter 2024 Newsletter


2019-2021 Women's Group
Women's Book Study
The Women's Book Study is on-going twice a month. There is an evening group and an afternoon group.
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (Lucia Resnick is the coordinator)
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 1:00pm (Terry Cleary is the coordinator)
Come join us for some spiritual enrichment!


The latest Antiochian Women's Newsletters are available online.  Check them out below:

Diocese of Los Angeles and the West: 

Archdiocese Newsletter:   

Anitochian Women Blog


Antiochian Women Blog, Diocese of Los Angeles & the West

The purpose of this blog is to reach out to the women in our diocese, and to encourage each other to read Orthodox articles written by clergy and laity from Orthodox perspective.   The blog will be updated every Sunday morning.  Our spiritual advisor, Father David Hovik is contributing great church Father quotes.

Sunshine Ministry


"Let Us Pray Without Ceasing":    Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

Do you want to be a "Prayer Warrior"?  do you know someone in need of our prayers? 

Check out the new  SUNSHINE MINISTRY

2022 Antiochian Women's Project



Women Saints

For more information about Women Saints or Antiochian Christian Women, click on these links below:

There are the "official" titles and duties, however, the group really works as a team and duties can be performed amongst the different officers. Officers serve a 2 year term and can agree to serve another 2 year term.
1. Be responsible for taking the lead for Women’s Group activities and at monthly meetings 
2. work in conjunction with our spiritual advisor 

1. Be responsible to assist, support and share duties with the President 
2. assist other officers as needed  

1. Be responsible for finances, prepare report for meetings; send the Church Secretary a written request to withdraw any funds; collect money at events and give to Church Secretary to deposit 

1. Be responsible for written communications (take notes during meetings; type up agendas/minutes, send to members, keep member list, work with Church Secretary, etc) 
Constitution & By-laws for Saints Peter & Paul Women's Group

Past Women's Group Officers

2019-2021 Women's Group
Treasurer: Valerie Pflueger
Secretary:  Sarah Steiger
Women's Group Minutes

2017-2019 Women's Group
President:  Keidi Lewis
Treasurer: Leanne Albers
Secretary: Sarah Steiger

Women's Group Minutes

2014-2016 Women's Group
President: Karla Newberry
Vice-president: Monica Zweers
Treasurer: Amy Nicholas
Secretary:  Laurel Beck
Women's Group Minutes

2010-2012 Women's Group
President: Janelle Machnee
Vice-President: Ginny Petras
Treasurer: Brooklyn Grube
Secretary: Anna Marie Joudy
Women's Group Minutes

2012-2014 Women's Group

President:  Leanne Albers
Vice-President:  Monica Zweers
Treasurer:  Kh. Ellen Steiger
Secretary:  Linda Young
Women's Group Minutes

2009-2010 Women's Group
President:  Kh. Terri Beck
Vice-President: (vacant)
Secretary: Linda Young
Treasurer: (vacant)
Spiritual Enrichment Coordinator: (vacant)
Women's Group Minutes
Local Chapter Dues

Dues are normally sent to our local diocese chapter at the beginning of the year (January or February) for next year (money is due by November 1st every year). Annual dues for each parish are $250.00, of which $75.00 go to the North American Board Treasury. All churches are expected to have an active Antiochian Women chapter and to contribute to the diocese by paying these dues. Dues help cover administrative costs and most importantly, fund Archdiocese charitable works. In 2010, the Archdiocese gave over $5000.00 to charitable causes from our dues money.

About the Antiochian Women

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America was founded in 1973 through the vision of His Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP (Saliba) — since 2008, we simply refer to our organization at “The Antiochian Women.” We are one of the official organizations of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. Our purpose is to work among the women of our Archdiocese to develop a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness, and commitment; to foster a genuine expression of love and service for each other and to the world around us through works of charity; to instill a sense of companionship among our sisterhood; and to foster a deeper understanding of the heritage and traditions of the Orthodox Church.

Our Antiochian Women organization brings the women of our Archdiocese together for prayer, charitable works, and mutual support as we strive to fulfill our calling in Christ to serve others. This goal gives us our official motto: “A Sisterhood Serving Christ Through Serving Others.” The Antiochian Women organization operates fundamentally at the local parish level, with a board of officers at the diocesan level. All of our efforts throughout the Archdiocese are harmonized and coordinated by the oversight of our North American Board (NAB), which consists of the officers from each diocesan organization and officers elected from our membership to serve as officers of the NAB.

The Antiochian Women communicate through our web page (, through e-mails, and by information shared through mailings to our parishes. Timely information about activities and programs are distributed, such as scholarships for women, special charitable projects, and spiritual resources such as the lives of women saints and Bible study material. We also publish newsletters, DIAKONIA and SOPHIA, that keep the members of Antiochian Women inspired and informed. Back issues can be found on our website in PDF format.

Regional Projects

2018: Strengthening the Ministries of Our Church
2017: Strengthening the Ministries of Our Church
2016: Hungry Children at Home and Abroad and IOCC Emergency Kits
2015: Nurturing the Seeds of Orthodoxy Across North America
2014: Orphans of the War in Syria
2013: Village Tornado Relief Fund

2012: Convent of St. Thekla
2011: Convent of St. Thekla
2010: Convent of St. Thekla
2009: Children With Special Needs
2008: Retired Clergy

Information & Resources

“When everyone left our Lord Jesus Christ alone on the cross, the women were there. Can you see how important the women are? You are the myrrh-bearing women.” -- His Grace Bishop JOSEPH

Mission Statement: The mission of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of Ss. Peter and Paul is to provide the opportunity for service, fellowship and ministry for the women of our parish. -- 2001

AOCWNA Resources and Information:

Antiochian Women Handbook


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