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Parish Council Ministry

The Parish Council normally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  All are invited to attend.  (Please check the current calendar in case of changes)

After the Annual Parish General Meeting on September 17, 2023, this is the current Parish Council membership:

2023-2024 Parish Council Members
Victor Albers  (term ends Sept 2024)
Frank Hagg  (term ends Sept 2024)
Philip Salibi  (term ends Sept 2024)
Marc Sacoolas (re-appointed September 2022)
S. Karla Newberry
Dave Matthews
Kh. Ellen Steiger (selected September 2022)
Leanne Albers (selected September 2023)
Keith Evans   (re-selected September 2023)


Parish Council Snapshots

February 2, 2020
It was decided to change the church’s fiscal year to begin on September 1 like the ecclesiastical year. (Currently, our fiscal year begins March 1.) Sometime before the new fiscal year begins, we will hold an Annual General Assembly meeting like we usually do in February.

It was decided to rename “Future Building Projects” in the budget to “Building Fund”. Maintenance issues, getting a defibrillator, and getting a new bier (for Holy Week) were also discussed.


September 29, 2019
     The Parish Council voted (5-2) in principle to proceed with renting out the north (smaller) parking lot every Saturday from April through October 2020 for $4800. It will not be rented on Pascha and May 30 for a wedding. A final up or down vote on this will be in the October meeting after the agreement is signed.
The required Title 24 energy report was put in our permit application for the Narthex remodel, so it will now go forward in the permit process.

June 16, 2019
The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00 pm in the parish hall.   Thanks to Dn. Marc Wentzel for submitting the Narthex plans this week to the County Planning Department. Updates on the plans will be forthcoming.

June 2, 2019
     Your Parish Council leadership is working steadily on tying up the last loose ends before they submit the Narthex remodel plans for county approval. They are very close!
     Several Parish Council members had a potluck fellowship meal on Wednesday, May 29 for informal discussion, bonding, and rapport-building that they expect will promote collaborative work as they go forward.

May 5, 2019
In the last Parish Council meeting on April 4, Bill Young presented a well-crafted letter with proposals for hardscape (landscaping without plants) and a new office. He also gave an update on the Narthex plans. If you would like to discuss these plans, contact either Bill Young or Parish Council Chairman, Gerry Elwell. Victor Albers volunteered to work on the demolition of the trailers and the plans for a new office. Victor would also like to see fundraising goals developed. The finalized Narthex plans have been given to the architect to make corrections before submitting to the County Planning Department. The application for the County Planning Department is also being worked on this week in order to present it with the Narthex plans.


April 21, 2019
Your Parish Council met after church on Sunday, April 14, led by Gerry Elwell, Chairman, and Dn. Antonio Rivera, Vice-Chairman. John Johnson was chosen as Secretary and Philip Salibi as Treasurer. The focal point of the meeting was Bill Young’s presentation on the Narthex project. It was clear to all that the Parish Council needs to take responsibility for more collaboration on the major tasks, clearer lines of communication and accountability, well-defined job description, timely follow-up, and regular, focused communication with the parish. Stay tuned in May for progress on these issues. Please contact any elected or appointed Parish Council members or a priest with your valued input or question on any issue.


April 7, 2019
Fr. Nathan chose Gerry Elwell to finish out the term (one year) of Amanda Baillie (who had been chosen from the floor by Fr. Nathan in 2017) on the Parish Council  .•At the March 19 meeting of the new Parish Council, Gerry Elwell and Dn. Antonio Rivera were elected Chairman and Vice Chairman of the council, respectively. Leanne Albers and George Saad have agreed to continue as Acting Secretary and Acting Treasurer, respectively.


March 17, 2019
The first meeting of the new Parish Council will be Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00 pm in the fellowship hall.

If you have any concerns that need to be addressed in the Parish Council, contact one of the members listed below.
•Amy Swagerty
•Philip Salibi
•Wendy Sakoda
•Dn. Antonio Rivera
•John Johnson
•Lee Haskin
•Gerry Elwell
•Jeff Auldridge
•Victor Albers

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